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Thoughts on Redskins/Bills

Monday, October 31st, 2011

A few observations on yesterday’s “home” game, a 23-0 blanking of the badly stumbling Washington Redskins.

  • Well, it was more like a blanking of the Redskins practice squad. They’re missing their opening day starters at quarterback, running back, receiver, tight end, and offensive tackle. The Bills have some injuries too, of course, but they’re not putting their “Preseason Game 2” roster on the field like these poor guys.
  • The nice thing about playing a game in Toronto is that the crowd is so polite and quiet you can actually hear the quarterbacks adjusting protection at the line. Oh, and the microphones pick up a lot more cursing.
  • Shanahan looks like a pink, angry Dennis Kucinich.
  • Rodney Harrison, on Football Night in America, suggested that George Wilson is a serious contender for Defensive Player of the Year. I can’t disagree. The Senator is having a hell of a season, including his fourth pick of the season yesterday.
  • Rian Lindell probably looks forward to kicking in this dome all season long.
  • Nice mouthguard, Corey McIntyre.
  • Nice hands on the warmups, Tyler Thigpen.
  • Oh, and the Pats lost. Guess who’s back in first place in the East?

After the Bills wins this season, which have pretty much been all shootouts, it’s great to see the defense put the clamps to someone. And if you’ll excuse me, I have to go torment the Redskins fan on the second floor of my building.

Occupy Oakland

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Looks like things are getting out of hand in Oak-town, and it has nothing to do with the legendary quality of the area’s booties.

The Oakland PD took it upon themselves to enthusiastically disperse the Occupy Oakland protest from the civic square it occupied; they managed to hit an Iraq War vet in the head with a tear gas canister, fracturing his skull, and then threw a flash-bang grenade into the crowd that rushed to help him.

Protect and serve.

More Verdant Pastures

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

After ten years of being known as “Mikey Wabco”, my career as an employee of the company founded by George Westinghouse is drawing to a close. Today is my last day. I started working for this company back in February of 2001. I remember moving to Maryland from New Jersey. I pulled that U-Haul into the apartment complex in Laurel, MD in the midst of a snowstorm. After spending 6 years in the Baltimore/ DC region, during which time I bought a house, quadrupled the size of my car collection, and got my Master’s degree, in 2007 I moved down here to South Carolina, bought my second house, quadrupled the size of my car collection yet again, and am now getting married in 2 days.

Now you can add to that list, “and starting a new job”.

Its been really sad leaving here. I gave my notice a week ago Monday, and I was all nerves coming in that morning. Would I be told to pack up and get out immediately? Would they be angry? As it turns out, no. Everyone to a person has been happy for me, sad to see me go, and had nothing but kind things to say. Its really been overwhelming.

I’m really excited about the new job. Its a great opportunity in what looks to be a growing field, and I’ll be right in the thick of it. But all the emotion I’ve experienced here over the past week and a half has somewhat blunted that enthusiasm and excitement. I have friends here, a lot of them. All of whom are disappointed that I’m leaving them. It’s like breaking up with a significant other, kindof.  I even have an old motor oil box, packed with my personal belongings.  Four years’ worth of reminders of my time here.

Anyway, I’m not moving residences. I’m staying put here at the Tigerville Ranch in SC. The new gig is in Greenville, so my commute will be about the same. And the people I’ve met with whom I’ll be working seem like awesome new potential co-workers. It’s a great deal all around.

But, I am sad to leave the Wab.

I’d ride my bike more if it wasn’t for that pesky shifting…

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Landrider bikes.

I had two of these dropped off for some work, guy found them roadside still attached to a hitch rack. One bike took the brunt of the impact so the other is salvageable.  Once I fix it I’ll give you a more informed opinion, but I’ll go with the snap judgement for now.

If you spent $400 plus shipping for this bike you are an idiot. Seriously how hard is it to shift gears? The components are comparable to what you’d get on a sub $200 department store bike.

Eat Wall Street

Monday, October 17th, 2011

I’m just going to post this little tidbit of incendiary journalism here, stand back, and let the flame wars begin!

“To the villainy-of-the-rich theme emanating from Washington, a child is born: Occupy Wall Street. Starbucks-sipping,  Levi’s-clad, iPhone-clutching protesters denounce corporate America even as they weep for Steve Jobs, corporate titan, billionaire eight times over,” columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote Thursday. “These indignant indolents saddled with their $50,000 student loans and English degrees have decided that their lack of gainful employment is rooted in the malice of the millionaires on whose homes they are now marching … What’s the Occupy Wall Street program? Eat the rich.”

Thoughts on Bills/Giants

Monday, October 17th, 2011

A few thoughts on yesterday’s 27-24 loss to the New Jersey Giants:

  • THREE pass interference calls in one game? Jeebus, Drayton, if you can’t cover the guy, try to get some safety help. Don’t just mug him in front of the officials like that. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but maybe they would have been better off starting McKelvin against Hicks; he’s not as good of a cover corner, but he’s a bit faster and I think Florence was just getting frustrated.
  • Speaking of interference, nice no-call on that total beatdown Fred got. Dear officials – if he’s catching the ball out of the backfield, he’s a receiver.
  • Go Naaman!
  • It’s tough to tell who has fans in the stands when both teams have a red-white-and-blue color scheme.
  • It’s easy to tell who has fans in the booth, though. The announcing team was on the verge of breaking out the 1990 vintage Giants Starter jackets and felt pennants by the end of the game.
  • I hope Hairston recovers quickly, or Bell comes back. The phrase “third-string left tackle” is terrifying. It’s probably more terrifying to Fitz.
  • Eric Wood is a monster. A clear and definite upgrade at center. I liked Hangartner, but it’s just night and day.
  • No wonder McGee is always getting hurt. Did you see him tackling the Giants tight end? It looked like a pomeranian overpowering a pitbull. Fearless little guy.
  • Jairus Byrd hits like a truck.

Square Hole

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Pretty cool video, though I think the best use of this product is clearly turning pancakes into waffles.

Screw Cycling…Buy a Chevy!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Somehow, General Motors manages to conjure up an ad campaign that completely misses its intended audience, pisses off a whole subculture of people, and eschews logic altogether.

I was wondering what they did with all that bailout money.

Cyclist Struck By Impala

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

So, Dean has broken his first bone – he fell trying to climb up his playhouse slide on Sunday evening and broke his collarbone. He’ll be in a sling for a while. Apparently that’s the single most common bone for kids to break.

Ironically, when I was Googling around for the classic Lance Murdock quote for this post, look what came up. Self-referential, I am.