The good news: new FTC rules go into effect on September 1, banning recorded sales pitch phone calls (AKA “robocalls”) in the US.

The bad news: political robocalls are still allowed, because they are considered protected speech.

I wouldn’t have expected them to leave a loophole like that. I am truly shocked, SHOCKED, at this development. Goddamn parasites.

4 Responses to “Robocalling”

  1. Pitt says:

    I didn’t realize that Robots had First Amendment rights. I for one welcome our new mechanical overlords and wish them well. I just hope we don’t decide to grant them 2nd Amendment rights…

  2. matt says:

    ED-209 says you need to drop your weapon. You have three seconds to comply.

    I really don’t like the idea of “protected speech” coming at me via the phone, since that’s a service that _I’m_ paying for, not the speaker. I don’t demand money from people who read this blog, even though the speech on it is protected.

  3. Pitt says:

    I don’t have a problem with a politician making calls to his constituents, or even hiring a staff to do it. But setting up a computer to call “276-0001…276-0002…276-0003…etc” bothers me. As long as we’re discussing rights, there are similarities, I believe, to those traffic robot cameras. I don’t have a problem with police officers pulling over motorists for breaking the law, at least in theory. However, I have a big problem with a camera snapping pictures of cars’ license numbers because the car violated a subroutine programmed into the camera. What happened to “right to face your accuser”, anyway?

  4. matt says:

    On a related tangent, there have been many reports of robocall based political “joe jobs” — Candidate A hires a marketing firm to be exceptionally irritating, calling independant voters eight or ten times a day with a commercial for Candidate B. The voters decide to vote for Candidate A in retribution.

    If only there were some other way to disseminate ideas. Some sort of web, perhaps even a world-wide one. Sigh. It’s the stuff of science fiction.

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