Jauron Gets Fired

Headline pretty much says it all.

I don’t think this will do any good, especially in the middle of the season. The problems with this organization — not the team, the organization as a whole — go well beyond anything that a coach can hope to fix. But it will keep the fans under control for a little while. Strictly a PR move so that season ticket sales stay up.

Everyone ready for 3-13?

6 Responses to “Jauron Gets Fired”

  1. Dan says:

    You kidding? You know we’re going to sign Bill Cowher…’s cousin’s roommate’s friend’s high school offensive coordinator. But he’s really, really good!

    Remember Matt, nothin’ burns like an effigy.

  2. matt says:

    Yeah, I can’t wait for the rumor mill to start churning.

    “My cousin says that one of the guys he works with saw the ghost of Hank Stram at the airport. He must be interviewing for the job.”

    It’ll be worse than the Michael Vick prattling in the preseason.

  3. Pitt says:

    I heard about this on the news radio this morning. Here in Greenville. Big news!

    I heard the defensive co-ordinator was getting the job.

  4. matt says:


    Well, the assistant head coach is Bobby April, the special teams coordinator. He’s got the seniority. But teams are generally hesitant to trust the special teams guy — there’s only one head coach in the NFL who was a special teams coach, as opposed to an offensive or defensive coordinator.

    But it’ll most likely be either him or Perry Fewell, the defensive coordinator.

  5. matt says:

    According to this morning’s paper, it’s Fewell.

  6. Dan says:

    When’s Lord Byron gonna give Fewell the key to the city?

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