Biking Around The World

So, if you’re going to ride a bike all the way around the world — more than 25k miles on six continents — what sort of components do you need?

This guy found out. Looks like a pretty interesting book.

3 Responses to “Biking Around The World”

  1. Pitt says:

    I’d imagine you wants pedlas like a jet engine, a frame like wings, and a seat like a cockpit.

    In other words, an airplane. Dumbass. 😉

  2. Kevin says:

    “For the wheels, Stoll recommends downhill mountain biking rims. “Go double-walled with at least 36 spokes,” he said.”

    I will give him that if you are not being weight conscience. I mean that’s what I run and you see what I put them through. Mike runs the same wheels granted in response to a slight variance in need.

  3. matt says:


    I doubt he’s really concerned about weight. Hell, I don’t care how much my wheel weight, and I’m riding in a (mostly) first-world city. It’s got to be damned near impossible to get spokes replaced and wheel retrued in the middle of nowhere. At least, if you don’t want some castoff Peace Corps donation wheels off of a Raleigh or something.

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