Thoughts on Bills/Jaguars

A few thoughts on the first game of the Perry Fewell Era, a close 15-18 loss to Jacksonville.

  • The stands looked remarkably full for a Jaguars game. It was still blacked out, of course, but at least there weren’t huge, gaping holes in the seating like there usually are.
  • I think Trent is pretty much done for with this franchise. It’s a shame, and it’s not his fault, but between benching him this week and picking up Brohm, they’re clearly ready to move on without him. I don’t know how much it has to do with the concussions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s considered “damaged goods” at this point.
  • Speaking of quarterbacks, Fitz sure seems to have a better rapport with TO than Trent ever did. That 98 yard play was supposed to be a run, and Fitz audibled it out. Wow.
  • The O-line continues to fall. It’s gotten so ridiculous that we benched our left tackle (Scott), moved our rookie left guard over (Levitre), and had our general purpose O line backup play guard (McKinney). Then McKinney gets hurt, so Scott comes off the bench to play guard. So last week’s starting guard is playing tackle, and the starting tackle is playing guard. Fantastic. And it looks like Wood is out for the season, so we better sign a right guard right away.
  • “We’ve replaced Marshawn Lynch with Folger’s Crystals. Let’s see if anyone notices that he can’t run any more.”
  • What was up with the clock management at the end of the half? Yikes. Was Perry in charge of time for Jauron or what? That was a vintage Dickie J move.
  • Overall, I was impressed with the effort. If Fewell can keep the guys playing like this, he deserves a shot at the head coach slot for next season.
  • Bonus observation from the night game: Hey, Philly, that’s why we didn’t want to pay Jason Peters. Hope you’re enjoying Mr Toad’s Inconsistent Ride.

The Bills are now 3-7, and I’m 70% (7/10) on my predictions from the preseason.

9 Responses to “Thoughts on Bills/Jaguars”

  1. Pitt says:

    Well, I called my mom earlier that day and asked her who the Bills were losing to this Sunday. :-/

  2. Dan says:

    I watched the video of what happened to Eric Wood. Once. Then I threw up.

    I blame myself for the clock management at the end of the first half. After the Bills got the 2 first downs and were hustling up the field, then they *gasp* spiked the ball I made the mistake of saying, “Wow! They’re actually managing the- oh no, wait. They’re running it.” Ok, I blame me and Fitz…but not so much Fewell. At least he got the timeout right (even though the refs didn’t see it at first).

    Good God get rid of Marshawn. I barely liked the goon when he used to run up the middle every single play and actually get more than 3 yards. I was very happy when he hurt his shoulder…and proceeded to not walk off the field. Anybody catch him flipping off Jax fans from the cart? Better cough up that lettuce, Beast Mode.

  3. Bard says:

    The time management (or lack thereof) at the end of the first half was the single biggest reason why this game didn’t end up in the W column.

    Let’s not overlook the two touchdowns we got that were taken off the board because of offensive penalties. They deserve mention, too.

  4. matt says:


    It was nice to see that Scott has taken over for Peters as a source of baffling, unnecessary, and harmful penalties. Nice catch, I should have mentioned that.

    Less false starts this time around, though, so that’s good. Fewell said in a news conference that he told the O-line he’s cutting off a finger for every false start.

  5. matt says:


    Yeah, I didn’t watch the Wood video. I figure if they guy is spending the night in Jacksonville for leg surgery, I probably don’t want to see why. And if they didn’t even replay it in the broadcast — and this is the league that showed Theismann’s injury in slow motion for every angle, like the damned Zapruder film — I _know_ it must have been heinous.

  6. Adam says:

    Side note My fantacy team is up by 27 with my opponet having only one player to go in tonights game. I ended up alot better than I thought with betts going out.

    The Bills played better, less penelties, less three and outs. We need better conditioning. The defence had plenty of rest this week and still melted down in the fourth.

  7. Kevin says:

    @ Adam

    Oh you and your fancy team, do they wear ruffles and pretty pink dresses.

  8. Adam says:

    No they play on fantacy island with tatu and that old guy with the accent

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