This was the back page of the Buffalo News sports section yesterday morning:


“Dear Bills fans — Sorry your team sucks and I gave you the finger. Here’s a picture of a false start! Enjoy.”

3 Responses to “Advertisement”

  1. Pitt says:

    This is a comment. Because this article had none.

  2. BrianN says:

    And since this is the Internet, I will argue about Pitt’s comment.


    It’s not really a comment since it doesn’t make any statement other than it’s being a statement. In fact the only comment you actually made was that this article has no comment, which was made false by your making the comment. It’s so sad that just anybody can post on the internet.

  3. Pitt says:

    Actually, I said that the article _had_ no comment, thus, by adding a comment, the article now _has_ one, though I didn’t say that explicitly because I believed it to be implied. I was merely stating the reason for leaving the comment, in my comment.

    Only on the Intrawebs can we argue about a comment posted for commenting’s sake!

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