Good Friday

Last year I posted an article about a young Wal Mart employee being trampled to death on Black Friday by swarms of bargain-seeking sheeples flocking into America’s Largest Retailer. This year, I darkly predicted an over-under on the number of shopping deaths on this yearly phenomenon.

So far, its been none. So, maybe we’re edging back a bit from the brink of insanity. Or perhaps the still-bleak economy has some shoppers saving their sheckles instead of squandering them.  Either way, the TV cameras and the shoppers were still out en masse this morning, one happy fellow shown practically skipping down an ice-coated parking lot with his new Westinghouse flat sceen clutched in his mittens. What a Merry Christmas he and his family will have, basked in the glow of millions of photon-emitting diodes!

*sigh* I hate to sound like the typical, preachy, self-important and self-righteous stereotypical anti-consumerist. Yet despite the lack of any trampling deaths (so far…) I still throw up a little in my mouth when I remember that the radio stations and television shows were broadcasting Christmas music and Christmas specials and the retailers were advertising Christmas discounts before the Halloween costumes were tossed into the landfill. I’ve had to actively isolate myself from society for damn near a month to avoid the bombardment.

The funny thing, though, is that this phenomenon seems to piss off normally diametrically-opposed groups, namely, the religious fundamentalists who want the “Christ” back in “Christmas”, and the liberal, anti-capitalist hippies who eschew organized religion AND rampant consumerism.

Well, I guess they say, tis the season for togetherness.

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  1. matt says:

    In this godless world, I think it’s more important than ever that we remember the true spirit of the season. Please, let’s all celebrate the holidays for the real reasons, and keep the Saturn in Saturnalia.

    I’m lucky. Most of my holiday shopping is accomplished with a trip to the liquor and beer stores. The rest is done on Amazon. And you’d better believe I’m not wasting my time waiting in line today, watching suburban housewives club each other to death in the aisles for next summer’s garage sale fodder. It just ain’t worth it.

    (I doubt we’ll be hearing from Kevin today.)

  2. Kevin says:



    All in all I am sickened and delighted by this time of year. Currently things are going well with the store which translates into things are going well for me. Heck we hit our monthly goal already and still have 3 days to go.

    Unlike the days spent at Toys R Us where I learned to hate life during this time of year. So much so that I landed up choosing to work the overnight shift so I didn’t have to deal with customers.

    Here I get to entertain and have some fun and most folks seem to be in a good mood. We don’t have the trample / stomp / deth to worry about in the mall setting. This is a plus. I’m just not looking forward to the hours going to 8am til 11pm starting the week after next, but hey more time to Roadflare!

  3. Pitt says:

    Those Gap commercials really pissed me off. “Go Kwanza! Go Soltice! Go Hannukah! Go *insert Muslim Holday I can’t recall the name off*”

    I’m not exactly Mr. Multicultural, but this was clearly an attempt by Gap to pander to the diversity folks. Such a blatant, obvious attempt seems like it would do little to sway the 10% of America that celebrates something other than Baby Jesus’ Birthday to shop at Gap, but does seem very likely to piss off the other 90% to not shop at Gap. For the record, that’s why I’m not buying anything there this Christmas.

    Off the record, its because I’m a cheapskate, not a brandwhore, and I’ll be joining matt in the line at the liquor store.

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