Engineering Talent

So, despite the fact that every car since the Reagan administration has been chock-full of electronics and computing bits, and despite the fact that this is a prime reason for the current troubles with Toyota, the NHTSA does not employ a single electrical or software engineer. (Warning: link is a PDF.)

Well, that’s awesome. Let’s hear it for government efficiency. Just because everything in a car is controlled by millions of lines of intricate computer code is no reason that anyone familiar with such a beast should be in your employ. It’s not like you’re responsible for maintaining safety standards on America’s highways or anything.

Wait, what?

3 Responses to “Engineering Talent”

  1. BrianN says:

    Let’s fire them all and hire those mythbuster guys.

  2. Pitt says:


    Yeah, its not like NHTSA cares about A-B-B-A comparisons or controls or any crap like that, anyway. I get the feeling NHTSA is basically just mythbusters with government funding and security clearances. I mean, come on, they crashed a 1960 chevrolet into a 2010 chevrolet, with predicatable results and all the internets clamoring over how rigged the test was. They might as well of strapped little rockets to the gas tank.

  3. matt says:


    You’re thinking of the wrong agency – the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was the group that destroyed the Bel Air. The NHTSA is an actual government agency which is apparently staffed entirely by unqualified political appointees.

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