There’s a blog post over on the Chronicle of Higher Ed web site about the latest New Yorker cover. The cover is a cartoonish illustration of a young man hanging his PhD on the wall of his childhood bedroom, while his worried parents look on.

It’s a simple joke. “It’s graduation season, and the economy sucks. Get ready for your kids to move back in with you, no matter how educated they are.”

But the comments on the article that I linked are priceless. It’s like a carnival of thin-skinned whining from the humanities PhD set. What a pack of self-indulgent whiners. Sheesh.

6 Responses to “Hypersensitivity”

  1. Pitt says:

    You know, if they had marketable skills, they’d probably have jobs. I hear that’s how this “capitalism” thing works. Feh. They’re PhD’s, so they’re probably commies anyway. Dirty, filthy commies.

  2. Dan says:

    Love it. Being a doctor does not entitle you to a large paycheck. As Pitt said, you need to have something that people need and be able to do it well. I thought the whole point of becoming a doctor was to thrive on being educated, to soak up as much knowledge as possible so that you could help your field and enrich your life. So, really, excuse me if I have zero pity for somebody who gets a PhD just so he can make a ton of money. There are jobs that make ridiculous money with a certificate (air traffic controller, ultrasound technician, stock broker…).

  3. Pitt says:

    Best comment:

    “The narcissism of the academic profession knows no bounds. Worry not, the mirror continues to think you’re the fairest of them all.”

  4. matt says:

    “What is most annoying here is that the self-satisified Wasp-wannabe twits at the New Yorker, when not pouring over their most recent Lands End catalogue of precious Life-Saver colored candy-summer outfits (that they’ll wear at the “vineyard”) are being criticized by equally self-absorbed, deluded twits from the completely out-of-touch academy who apparently got bored reading their own Pottery Barn catalogs filled with almost-authentic looking plastic floral arrangements and 100% organic cotton slipcovers.”

  5. Dan says:

    I just noticed the author’s mini-bio: ” Gina Barreca is a professor of English and feminist theory at the University of Connecticut.” She’s probably the most professional whiner that one could strive to be.

  6. Pitt says:


    Throw in “minority studies” and you’d have the trifecta.

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