Thoughts on Bills/Packers

Yesterday, it was humiliating just to be a Bills fan and watch that debacle in Wisconsin. But you know what’s worse? Being the only Bills fan in an entire section of Lambeau Field, watching as your team is trounced 34-7. The Packers fans weren’t even gloating. They were sympathetic, trying to comfort us, like we were the parents of the enthusiastic kid with a club foot that the coach puts into the basketball game for the last two minutes.

Sue and I had a wonderful weekend, but that game was soul-crushingly awful.

Yup, humiliating is a great word.

  • Passing on Clay Matthews to draft Aaron Maybin? That’s a Buffalo Bills move, right there.
  • None of the other Bills fans that we met live here. In fact, we were often asked “Oh, you’re from Buffalo? Where do you live now?”
  • Lee Evans – shut out for the third time in his career. Awesome.
  • Both our offensive tackles are turnstiles, and our starting guard was out. That’s not great.
  • At least Moorman had a good day. Lots of opportunity.

I’m seriously thinking this could be a 2-14 season. Bills Fever – Catch It!

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  1. Dan says:

    Their move with CJ Spiller completely baffled me. Are they going to simply rotate the running back that gets the most carries week by week? Or were they trying to showcase Marshawn in an effort to trade him? Or are they unhappy with how their big splash draft pick worked in week 1?

    The word that’s getting thrown around is “rhythm.” The offense can’t seem to find a rhythm, Edwards isn’t in a rhythm, the passing game has to find its rhythm. Well I’m not a pro, but I don’t think this complete mess of trying to have three starting running backs is very conducive toward any rhythm of the running game.

    That being said, I can’t even begin to think that they would have done any better with a different shuffling of the RB’s. The play that defined the game, defines this entire team, is Edwards running out of bounds on 4th down at the very end. Throw a bomb, you absolute pansy.

    If any single image could capture this game, it’s this one from the Buffalo News:
    Edwards with his face in the dirt, being mounted by Clay Matthews. Matthews looks bored and dominant, like a lion eating a gazelle carcass. He’s not particularly proud of beating on an unprotected, untalented QB, but he’s gonna do it because that’s his nature.

    PS – glad you guys had a good trip and didn’t get a hard time from the Green Bay fans.

  2. matt says:


    I think it was a matter of trying to showcase Marshawn. And, honestly, he’s got a more physical running style that had a better chance against this offense. Even on the little screen plays, Spiller was getting leveled; too much finesse.

  3. Dan says:

    Update: WGR just reported that Fitzpatrick will start next week. At least that indicates that they realize Edwards is horrible…

  4. Pitt says:

    I didn’t catch the game, and the “highlight” reel I caught during the NE/Jets game was all of 3 seconds long (some TD green bay scored) but based on the deplorable performance against Miami plus what I’ve read, it seems like not only does Edwards suck big fat juicy donkey balls, but the rest of the team won’t rally around him as a result. It seems like he just doesn’t inspire anyone to WANT to block him.

    Spiller’s good, but small, and finesse is his game. That said, he’s gonna have to be super speedy to play with the big boys.

  5. matt says:


    I don’t know that this is actually an upgrade. Like they say, if you’ve got three equal quarterbacks, you don’t really have a number one.

    Last year, I bought a Trent Edwards jersey on eBay (one of the throwback AFL away ones; I thought they were really sharp). I saved it until this weekend to take the tags off and wear it for the first time at Lambeau. Looks like he might get cut before I wear it again. Money well spent.


    There are defenses that the subtle, finesse running works against. This wasn’t one of them. I don’t think Spiller has yet adjusted to how much faster an NFL defenseman is than anyone he faced in college; a quick cut or stop might fool the first guy, but you’re going to get creamed by the next three before you can get back up to speed.

  6. Pitt says:

    Perhaps Buffalo and Cleveland ought to combine forces. Both teams, and towns, are in the doldrums. They could form the only “regional” NFL team besides the New England Patriots. They could call themselves the Lake Erie Rustbelts.

  7. matt says:


    I’ll start writing the fight song. What rhymes with “Crippling Depression”?

  8. Pitt says:


    “Minority Repression”?

  9. Dan says:

    “Facial expression” and “Time of possession.”

  10. Pitt says:

    “Quarterback Selection”

    Approximate Rhyme!

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