Employee Monitoring

Extraspy, the software company with just a little bit more spy than their competitors, has released their latest product.

One of the main troubles in any business is control over the efficiency of employees. This great tool from ExtraSpy Software allows you to track any Network LAN, giving you the most complete information on what, how and when your network users performed. Activity monitoring software is a means of employee’s monitoring. ExtraSpy Employee Monitor allows organizations to rapidly and at minimal cost monitor and examine the activity of their employees on the Internet and in various applications. Any PC in the LAN under control can be spied remotely. It is usually deployed over a big business network and allows for easy centralized record viewing via one central networked Personal Computer.

Finally, Big Brother monitoring at Little Brother prices.

13 Responses to “Employee Monitoring”

  1. Pitt says:

    Its only Big Brother if its done by the government. Businesses have a legitimate reason! (As he types this on his company computer during work hours)

  2. matt says:

    What’s the legitimate reason, again?

    Aside from corporate espionage and data leakage – issues that are not resolved with an Internet filter or this sort of technology – this is just an excuse for lazy managers.

    If your people aren’t doing their jobs, get rid of them. If they are, then what do you care if they’re looking at Facebook or whatever?

  3. Pitt says:

    How did we ever manage to look busy at work before the Internet? All this means is we’ll have to go back to chatting around the water cooler, reading the paper, and sleeping.

  4. BrianN says:


    I think when you are paying someone to work per hour you have the right to know if those employees are goofing off. Do you also think every employee has the right to an enclosed cubicle?

    “If your people aren’t doing their jobs, get rid of them. If they are, then what do you care if they’re looking at Facebook or whatever?”

    This presumes you know how much work to expect per hour for a given project, sometimes it’s easy to game the system. Oh yeah, like I’m doing now!

    Actually, I work in an environment that’s very ‘accomplishment’ driven. No-one keeps track of us or anything. I can tell you it works well for post-docs and grad students because we have our own motivation to do work, but for technicians, who just get paid by the hour, it’s not so good. It’s pretty difficult to know whether work isn’t getting done because there are genuine problems or someone is just lazy.

  5. matt says:

    It’s a shame that so many people assume that their employees are going to be lazy and useless without constant goading.


  6. BrianN says:

    My theory is some people are lazy and some people can be motivated, some are in fact motivated by the prospect of not doing work. I never understand why academic humanities put forward every theory as being exclusive of some other theory.

    It’s best to find ways to motivate people, but you also have to know if you have a problem. I don’t think wanting to know what your employees are up to indicates you assume they are lazy, it’s just a tool to diagnose problems. Obviously, if a manager is spending his day snooping on internet traffic for no real reason, he should be fired for wasting time on the internet.

  7. Dan says:

    If the monitoring software were used as a problem solving or diagnosing tool, it would be a good thing. The problem is when it’s used as a ruler on the knuckles, scaring employees with thoughts of Big or Little Brother.

    In a perfect world, a company acquires this software and doesn’t use it right away. If one of their employees performs badly, they access it and see what that employee is doing all day. If they are spending a large amount of time playing Farmville or playing the fantasy football waiver wire, they can pull that person aside and explain that he is abusing his privilege to the internet. But if people are doing their jobs, there should be no reason to ever even look up their profile.

    Unfortunately the world is far from perfect. Managers everywhere would abandon office interaction, or even their own duties, to sit and monitor internet usage like a damn watchdog.

    Some real life experience of this was the Rural/Metro Drive Cam in every ambulance. These cameras were put into the ambulances for the benefit of the EMT or medic in the case of an accident. Their intent was to protect employees who were not at fault for an accident by providing proof that that person was doing everything they could to drive safely while shit just happens. But, in the real world, these cameras were used to monitor conversations about union troubles, disciplinary action regarding stupid shit like whether your uniform shirt was tucked in, and more often used against a driver in an accident rather than to help them.

    It’s not the software or hardware that’s the problem. It’s that in the real world, lazy and incompetent management will always misuse it.

  8. Pitt says:


    The employees’ main goal is to work as little as possible and not get fired, while the manager’s main goal is to pay the employees as little as possible and not have them quit.

  9. BrianN says:


    I think you’re confusing employment and POWs.


    Clearly that’s a sign of too much management. The problem with all aspects of healthcare is there is just too much friggin’ money, nobody thinks it’s worth it to save any. Those managers probably are overpaid too.

  10. matt says:


    I realize I’ve only gotten halfway through Manager School, but that doesn’t seem quite right to me.

  11. BrianN says:

    Haha Great name for it “Manager School”

  12. BrianN says:

    actually if you’re a post-doc the main goal of your job is to find a better job. It;s an interesting dynamic.

  13. Harry Ho says:

    Great article, particularly the points about balancing employee right with employer responsibilities. We installed CryptaVault a few months ago, and it changed attitudes to monitoring very quickly, and also cut web accesses by employees hugely. There’s lots of good products like this around these days, employers should go looking for them and ignore the keyloggers and other questionable products being offered.

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