Thermos Bomb

In addition to salad bars, the TSA is now apparently concerned with Thermoses. (Thermi?) Sorry this blog posting will be linkless, but I’m sure you can just do a Google(tm) search for “terrorist thermos” and come up with a zillion links to this new threat to our national security. Much like the 1/4″ sheet of C4 that it turns out the new full body pat down privacy violation machines can’t detect, a roll of plastique will fit nicely in place of a thermos’s insulation layer, and probably blow up a 747 full of peanut-deprived fliers. At least, according to the TSA’s latest “intelligence”.

So, what’s the over/ under on everyone who boards a plane having to strip down to their skivvies, go through an X-ray machine, and not being allowed to carry anything except a TSA-issued tissue, toothbrush, and tube of toothpaste on board the airplane? 5 years?

Personally, I really don’t understand why they are focusing on airplanes so much. Its still very possible for any nutjob to rent a U-Haul for $40, fill it with fertilizer, diesel fuel, and propane tanks, drive into a city center, and blow thousands of people to smithereens.

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  1. Dan says:

    Pitt, don’t be silly. Nobody would ever do any serious damage by blowing up a Ryder truck filled with fertilizer in the middle of a city. In 1993.

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