I haven’t written anything about the Wisconsin situation – I don’t really have any editorial comment to offer, so I figured that I’d just keep my mouth shut for once. But I thought that this was pretty funny.

Apparently, users briefly couldn’t get to the pro-union “defendwisconsin.org” web site from the Wi-fi network in the Capitol building. Well done, Governor Walker. That will certainly stop them in their tracks.

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  1. Pitt says:

    Interesting how many of the comments are going off on tangeants about how private election money should be eliminated…and then other comments are about how they are concerned that falling union membership will lead to less ability of the unions to fund Democratic candidates.

    Nope, can’t tell you the color of the people who read THAT blog’s shirt, no way…

    My own personal comment: Unions and campaign finance are both about the first amendment. The government shouldn’t be able to restrict unionization any more than they should giving money to political candidates.

  2. matt says:

    Indeed. It’s curious that so much of the anger over perceived exorbitance in union contracts falls on the unions, and very little falls on the government officials who agree to the contract.

    That’s why it’s called “bargaining”. Both sides negotiate and come up with a solution they can both live with. If our politicians are too goddamned stupid to look more than three or four years into the future, that’s a serious problem, but it’s not one that you can really blame the union for.

  3. BrianN says:


    I don’t think it’s the politicians that are stupid there. How is it stupid to make friends and keep state workers satisfied when the bill isn’t going to be paid until you are long out of office.

    Sounds pretty smart to me.

  4. Pitt says:


    I believe the saying you are going for there is, “Stupid like a fox.”

  5. BrianN says:

    I think a similar cycle keeps insurance costs high:

    Insurance Co. raises premium, negotiated with employer

    employer says, “fine, I’ll just pass part of it off to the employees and the rest lets me avoid payroll taxes”

    Union negotiates: “You can’t expect us to eat the whole increase in premiums. We demand you pay for part of the premium (and we’ll spend all our time on this issue instead of worrying about wages which we know we won’t win on anyways)”

    Union goes to employees: “Look, we got your health insurance increase negotiated down to only half the increase, we did such a great job”

    Employees, looking at newspaper article on exploding health care costs: “Boy am I glad to still have health care.”

  6. Pitt says:

    This whole thing in Wisconsin..it just reminds me what a horible, terrible republican I am. I was telling Katie last night, its sort of like cars. There are some cars that are absolutely awesome, incredible cars, that I will never, ever own, simply because the stereotype of people who own those cars is something I would never want associated with myself. BMW. Porsche. Subaru. Never. Similarly with politics, I find myself agreeing with people (in this case, the libtards who are opposing the governor) despite the stereotypes associated with them.

    Its really hard to be a partisan these days and be a person of any conscience or moral fiber.

  7. Mike says:

    Pitt, I love that last line… and agree whole-heartedly. I think I’m gonna steal that, if you don’t mind.

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