Despite being colder than an Eskimo’s backside, the city of Minneapolis is considered the bicycling capital of America. And with projects like this, it’s easy to see why. A self-service bike repair kiosk, complete with repair stand and a vending machine stocked with tubes and other handy parts, has been installed on the main bike path through the city.

What an awesome idea. Hopefully Buffalo is paying attention. Oh, who am I kidding – we’re barely on the verge of breakthroughs like “bike lanes” and “motorists might be legally barred from running over cyclists”.

2 Responses to “Fixtation”

  1. Dan says:

    Buffalo should continue to roll out the slogan: at least we’re not Mississippi!

    They don’t even care if you hit a cyclist with a car, run her over, and drive off.

  2. Pitt says:

    That’s because riding bycicles is something only Communists and the French do. Even if you get your license taken away from you, you can at least get a moped that burns gasoline.

    Real Red-Blooded Americans need to burn gasoline if they are planning on moving more than 20 or 30 feet from where they are currently located.

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