Nostalgia Technology

An interesting article on Etsy I found about the history of technology, how quickly new replaces old, and the roles of that now-outmoded technology. The article itself focuses on journalism, and how we’ve all but abandoned the printing press and film cameras to work in the digital realm.

“While archeologists try to recreate what life was like 10,000 years ago, and historians try to recreate what life was like 1,000 years ago, journalists can’t even recreate how they published a newspaper 20 years ago. No one documented the details or saved the old equipment. Journalists may write history’s first draft, but when it comes to covering their own history, they don’t even take notes.”

The article doesn’t get too sappy emotional over it, but does pose the question, do we define progress simply by how efficient we make certain tasks? Should we neglect the history of technology? And, obviously, how does this apply to technology in a broader sense?

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