Four Day School Week

Many schools in South Dakota are saving money by switching to a four day school week, giving students every Friday off.

Interesting idea. I don’t know how well it gibes with the tendency for most two-income families to use public school as free childcare, though. I suspect a lot of people will have trouble finding Friday babysitters.

2 Responses to “Four Day School Week”

  1. Pitt says:

    I’d love to work four 11 hour days and have a three day weekend.

    They ought to make Friday “Career Day”, where they teach the kids actual, marketable skills they can use to find a job, rather than Cherokee basket weaving in Spanish.

  2. Dan says:

    Absolutely. If that day was used for something else, like a BOCES-style program or maybe learning very basic vocations, it would be a good use of their time. Kids love variety more than anything, so changing up what, where, and how they’re being taught could do wonders. Going to a 4 day school week could have its advantages, so long as the kids don’t just spend that extra day sitting around playing video games.

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