Jury Duty

So, for the first time in my sixteen years here in Buffalo, I got called up for jury duty. I had a number in the high 600s, so I didn’t have to go in until yesterday morning.

The facilities aren’t bad – magazines, free wifi, a riveting orientation film starring Ed Bradley. But after they said we were there to fill out a jury for a criminal trial, I started racking my brain for upcoming trials that I’d seen in the paper. Would it be arson? Violent crime? Would I be identified by someone in the courtroom and shot in the face when I took the kids to a playground? I’m not exactly inconspicuous, you know. My goodness, I was putting my whole family at risk just by being in this building!

Then they called us into a selection room and told us that the trial had been called off, thanks for your service, go home and we’ll call you again in seven years.

I need to stop watching crime shows.

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  1. Dan says:

    I got called for duty in the spring of 2009, just before I moved. The exact same thing happened where I was selected and the trial was settled before I saw a courtroom. The best part of my day was that I got a ride and didn’t pay for parking.

  2. Pitt says:

    *knock on wood* never been called. I hear defense attorneys don’t like engineers, anyway.

    I got to watch some criminals enter into the judicial system yesterday as the people renting the house two doors down got busted for having a meth lab. When I approached the crime scene to ask one of the donut-munching EMTs telling the neighbor kids to stand back what the story was, he told me, “Yeah, they’re running a meth lab- but it’s just a small one”.

    Well, that’s a relief.

  3. BrianN says:

    I got called in a shooting trial during college in Rochester. Dumbest thing ever.

    Also, Like almost every US citizen, I got called as soon as I got a driver’s license in NYC. I guess it’s the mix of the world’s greatest concentration of lawyers and a very high percentage of non-citizens. I sat in the waiting room for three days. After the second day I over-heard this conversation:
    “So what do you do?”
    “Oh, I’m in advertising, but I’m between jobs”
    “Oh, yeah, me too.”
    Guy in front of them: “Oh, you guys in Advertising, I’m looking for a job”
    One more person: “Yeah, I’m in Advertising too, but I’m enjoying my hopefully short stint of unemployment.”
    Conversation continues discussing how nice it is to be unemployed.

  4. Pitt says:

    Guess they were good at advertising their employment status.


  5. BrianN says:

    Ha, ha.

    What was amazing was the jury summons came long before the driver’s license.

  6. matt says:

    I’d only gotten called up once before this, in Monroe County; the first thing the prosecuting attorney did was dismiss everyone in the jury pool with a college degree. I assume he had a pretty shaky case and wanted to rule out as many people capable of calling him on it as possible.

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