Thoughts on Bills/Jets

Because I hate myself, I watched the Bills drop a fourth in the row to the Jets, 28-24.

  • Spiller looked a lot better than I expected. He’s still averaging under three yards a rush, and he’s never going to be a between-the-tackles runner like Fred, but he’s stopped with the “dance until you lose five yards” routine. It’s a start.
  • We finally found an ideal spot for McKelvin – apparently returning kickoffs and gunning for the punt team is his calling. Great place for a first round pick.
  • Not that it matters, looks like he’s crippled anyway.
  • I loved the Maybin-Spiller pushing and shoving. “I was a bigger waste of a Bills first round pick!” “No, I was!”
  • Nice tip and catch by Brad Smith.
  • That was the game winner, Stevie. Are you going to blame God for this one, too?
  • Urbik did pretty well at center. He managed to snap the ball to Fitz and everything.

7 Responses to “Thoughts on Bills/Jets”

  1. matt says:

    Favorite nickname I’ve seen so far for number thirteen: “Little Stevie Blunder”.

  2. Pitt says:

    At least you weren’t subjected to listening to Clemson’s humiliating loss to USC Saturday. That was painful.

  3. Adam says:

    I like how you avoided the whole Maybin 2 sacks thing. One was more of a touch football tag than an actual sack, but its still pathetic that he was getting that kind of penetration. Atleast they looked a litle better, Johnson looked like a property owner on “Revis Island”. I don’t care what they say that celebration was hilarious. If your dumb enough to shoot your self you deserve to be made fun of.

  4. Dan says:

    Stevie basically spent the game solidifying my opinion as to why he’s not (yet) a #1 WR, and why they shouldn’t extend him. He’s proven to be a dandy for excessive celebrations, and I’ll admit they’re hilarious. But he’s quick to follow up by literally dropping the ball, as though he is in his own brain saying, “Man, that TD earlier sure was-OH SHIT I DROPPED IT!”

  5. matt says:

    @Adam – Hey, I write these after the game. I forget stuff. I also didn’t mention how Dave Rayner is making it really tough to gin up a real kicker controversy.

  6. matt says:

    Oh, and the other thing – would the commentators stop praising Revis for ten seconds, please? Every time Stevie caught a pass, it was always “Well, I hope he enjoyed that, because it’s not going to happen again in this ga– well, I’ll be damned.”

  7. Adam says:

    The last few games have been called by Marv Albert. I can’t stand listening to him. He should be calling college sports with the other perverts.

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