School Blame

Here’s an intensely depressing article on the Buffalo Public Schools from this week’s Buffalo News.

Of the students who started ninth grade in 2006, only 47.4 percent graduated in 2010—and that was down from 53.1 percent the previous year. (In New York City, 61 percent of the 2006 cohort graduated. Statewide, 73.4 percent graduated.) Just 3.2 percent of Buffalo’s 2006 cohort graduated with a Re-gents diploma with Advanced Designation, compared with 16.4 percent in New York City and 30.9 percent statewide.

The teachers have a union. The principals have a union. The superintendent and the administration have the School Board to back them up. Looks like the only people without any representation in this system are the students. No wonder they’re getting the shaft.

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