Adding Applications to GNOME 3

A couple of weeks ago, I updated my home computer to GNOME 3. This comes with a new interface, called “Gnome Shell”, that requires some getting used to – it’s a drastic departure from the classic taskbar/start menu paradigm that we’ve all been using since Windows 95.

There are a few little annoyances (Virtual Desktops disappear when you close the last item on them – screw you, spatial memory!), but for the most part, I really like it now that I’ve gotten used to it a bit more.

Now, on to the point of this post; I was trying to run Kino, a video editing application, and it wasn’t showing up in the Applications menu for Gnome Shell. If you need to add something to Applications, you can either set up a .desktop file for it from the command line using a text editor or just use alacarte to do it simply through the GUI. Make sure the application is enabled in the alacarte menu editor, and it will appear in Applications.

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