Gated Communities

An interesting piece on gated communities in yesterday’s Buffalo News. These things are all the rage, especially out West, but as the author points out, they are built on a very adversarial stance. When the heck did Americans all get so scared of each other?

2 Responses to “Gated Communities”

  1. Dan says:

    We ought to just go whole hog and return to city states. That way New York City and Philadelphia can actually go to war and one can rid the world of the other’s presence.

  2. Pitt says:

    Katie and I were discussing the whole concept of HOAs and the balancing act that must exist between my freedom to do with my property as I see fit vs. how it affects my neighbor. There seems to be a broad spectrum of what’s allowable and what’s not, depending on where you live. And I guess that’s a good thing- this is America, right, and we can chose where we live and how anal we want to be about our property. I like the ability to park 30 cars in my yard and fire off guns and not worry if my lawn gets too long. And then there’s places, not too far from me actually, where they’d have a hissy fit if you painted your shutters the wrong color.

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