Eleven years

This is the eleventh year since the 9/11 attack, and judging by the amount of bald eagle clip art showing up in my Facebook feed, people are feeling awful patriotic today. Maybe we should invade Iran, just for old times’ sake.

2 Responses to “Eleven years”

  1. Dan says:

    We could fight for our freedom and put down a stifling force that is helping to bankrupt our country and bully our citizens. But it seems odd to bring up dissolving the TSA today.

  2. Pitt says:

    Heard the show host on the radio this morning. He asked the listeners, “Do you feel more or less free today than you did 11 years ago?”, followed by, “Do you feel more or less secure today than 11 years ago”. I couldn’t help but think of Ben Franklin’s quote.

    But yeah, Eagles make it all better.

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