I certainly hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Easter weekend — my kids have enough jelly beans and chocolate to give at least half the neighborhood diabetes.

We did the usual mad dash from Buffalo to Rochester and back to make sure we could see everybody. My aunt’s house in Rochester was fun, with half-a-dozen sugar fueled kids running around. Good thing she got the yard fenced off this year so we could just let them roam a bit.

How about you?

3 Responses to “Easter”

  1. Pitt says:

    Stayed in the Baltimore area.
    Ate ham and raviolis.
    Had no jellybeans.

    It’s pronounced, “Die-uh-bit-tis”

  2. BrianN says:

    It took too long for Spring to come, so we went to Florida. Actually my parents seem to have migrated there for the cold months, which are most of them.

    Our son was refusing to go home because it’s too cold. I can’t really blame him.

  3. Pitt says:

    Here in the Mid-Atlantic we’re supposed to crack 70 early next week. Spring has sprung! Time to fill the convertible up with oil (It’s a Corvair, so it all leaked out over the winter) and break out the cheap sunglasses!

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