I love the headline of this article:

“UB grads urged to ‘find a better way’ to connect with communities they serve ”

Naturally, the University at Buffalo graduates who were being told this were listening to the speech in Amherst, because the actual University turned its back on Buffalo and moved out to the ‘burbs years ago. Nice.

6 Responses to “Irony”

  1. Pitt says:

    First comment says it all:

    “So two(!) university presidents are talking against the notion of the “Ivory Tower” when degrees are more expensive than ever while faculty salary/benefits/tenure continue to climb. Pook kids, they sat through 4 years of nonsense for a piece of paper and still have to be lectured at graduation about how they’re responsible for fixing someone else’s mess.”

    Also, drink every time your commencement speaker uses the word “sustainable”.

  2. matt says:

    The only point there that I would disagree with is that faculty benefits and salary sure aren’t climbing. Not since universities discovered that unemployed PhDs will happily garotte one another for a chance to teach English 101 for two grand a semester.

    Upper administration is where the money is. President Tripathi makes almost $700k a year, plus significant benefits.

  3. Pitt says:

    Interns and PhDs really mess with the whole supply/ demand curve for employment.

  4. BrianN says:

    Don’t forget the four secretaries for each administrator. And the fancy student center; can’t have kids eating lunch in a cafeteria with no track lighting, can we?

  5. Pitt says:

    Every kid’s gotta have a laptop, too, don’tchaknow.

  6. matt says:

    The Buffalo Public Schools released their budget this week. They’re cutting fifty school bus aids and firing the maintenance guy at the sports complex, but that apparently frees enough money to hire another deputy superintendent.

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