Polar Vortex

It’s the Polar Vortex Blizzardgeddon End Of The World! Everybody PANIC!

Things weren’t too bad here in the city; lots of wind, icy roads, but that’s about it. Cold as heck, though. Dean got a couple of snow days.

How’s everyone else doing?

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  1. Pitt says:

    The fuel pump on Katie’s GMC gave out, so we tried to start my truck. Even though the block heater (diesel) was plugged in, it still required cranking the batteries to near-exhaustion, charging them up, and cranking some more to coax the beast to life.

    Then the heater blower decided not to work. Driving was accomplished with one gloved hand on the steering wheel and one under the butt to keep it warm. And swapping hands when the steering hand went numb.

    The house was 50 degrees inside after the other day. Old windows that leak and electric baseboard heaters. I stoked up the wood stove and it’s now a balmy 64 inside. Still 10 outside. It was 0.9 the other night.

    We’re coping. Supposed to be 50 on Saturday.

  2. BrianN says:

    We live in an old house with a > 50 year old furnace, so it’s always cold in winter, but we use some space heaters, etc. We did have a frozen pipe, which luckily thawed without incident. The snow last weekend was kind of fun, but I’m glad it melted as it makes it a pain to drive through the city.

  3. Pitt says:

    I’m in Buffalo this week, it’s 5 degrees here right now – apparently the tropical zone of NY: -9 at my parents’ house in ROchester and -30 in Watertown.

    Matt, are you alive? I tried emailing, calling, and texting you, all to no avail.

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