Syracuse, our somehow even snowier neighbor to the east, is having an interesting argument about Interstate 81 — should it stay or should it go? This mirrors the discussions about the Skyway here in Buffalo, the Inner Loop in Rochester, the Robert Moses Parkway in Niagara Falls, and the other urban freeways that were installed to enable suburban existence at the expense of the cities themselves.

It will be interesting to see what they do.

4 Responses to “I-81”

  1. BrianN says:

    Dear Syracuse. Do not build a tunnel. If you do, make sure it’s not built out of old chinese newspapers.

    Are they really talking about getting rid of the inner loop? I was just there it’s certainly falling apart.

  2. Pitt says:

    I can see the advantages of re-aligning I-81. I don’t mind highways that go through cities, but I like an alternate route around. I-95 goes right through D/T Richmond and it’s a white-knuckle drive. I-295 only works as an alternate if you’re going to Raleigh, and not on to I-85 (Like I usually am).

    The problem will be finding the real estate to do the re-alignment. Whose property is going to get emminent domained and who’s gonna bitch about it?

  3. matt says:

    BrianN — Apparently getting rid of the Inner Loop has been a hot topic the last couple of years; like the Skyway, it’s one of those deals where it’s going to cost a whole lot of money to keep it in usable condition, and it’s doing a lot to stifle growth in the neighborhood. Fingers crossed.

    Pitt — I don’t mind driving on highways that go through cities, but actually living in the neighborhoods they bisect is pretty lousy. Buffalo still hasn’t recovered from the construction of route 33 splitting the whole east side in half. And you can buy a house in Riverside, overlooking the Niagara River, for about $50k since they built I-190 right next to it.

  4. BrianN says:

    Hmm I don’t know. I used to live on Alexander st. (just outside the inner loop) and did most of what I did closer to midtown (just inside the inner loop), so I never has the feeling the area was “bisected” by it. It may not be necessary since there isn’t that much traffic in downtown Rochester, though.

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