Away Game

Last night, Sue and I drove to Rochester to catch a Bandits away game. They were playing against the Rochester Knighthawks at the War Memorial.

(Oops. I mean “The Blue Cross Arena At The Rochester War Memorial”. How silly of me to forget the proper branding.)

We bought tickets in a group with a bunch of other Bandits fans, so there were about 200 of us in a section stomping and cheering for our team. The game was awesome – the score was close all the way to the end, and Rochester ended up winning it in overtime 15-14. It was a fantastic experience all the way around, even if I’ve still got Dinosaur Barbecue sitting in my gut like a cannonball.

It’s amazing how small the War Memorial seems now. I remember when I was going to Amerks games as a kid, the seats seemed to go on forever. Now it looks like a midsized college hockey arena.

2 Responses to “Away Game”

  1. Pitt says:

    I think the last time I was at the WAAAR MEMORIAL! (sorry, too many old monster trucks ads from my youth) was an Amerks game about 2 dozen years ago.

    I think that’s a fairly common situation- things seem ginormous when you’re only 3 feet tall yourself.

  2. matt says:


    They sold me the whole seat, but as it turned out, I only needed the edge.

    One night only.

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