Incumbents Ahoy!

In the grand tradition of school boards and other unaccountable entities, several villages here in Erie County chose to have their elections this week. Why March? Because that depresses voter turnout, which is a huge aid to the incumbent candidate.

Results are here.

This prompts two questions from me. One, why are villages like Sloan and Depew (population ~3,500 and ~15,000, respectively) supporting their own governments? There’s really not enough people to merit it, especially since both of these villages are contained in the town of Cheektowaga. It’s just another layer of taxes and administration for no benefit. Two, why is it that everyone complains about the government in their town and then goes out and reelects the incumbents? What does that accomplish?

I’m really starting to think that we deserve the miserably dysfunctional government we’ve got. If we didn’t, we’d stop pulling the lever for the bastards.

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