The next module affixed to the International Space Station will be named “Colbert”, in honor of the host of The Colbert Report.

Who was the dumb bastard at NASA that said to allow write-ins?

4 Responses to “ISS”

  1. Pitt says:

    We still have a space station? I thought we sold that to the Chinese.

  2. matt says:


    It’s “International”, much like fancy flavored instant coffees.

  3. Kevin says:

    So if it is international how do we know if our english treaded bolts will work with their metric nuts? CALAMITY IN SPACE!!!

  4. Pitt says:

    How coincidental. I happened upon an old box of General Foods International Coffees in my cupboard this morning, and decided to bring it to work for a small treat.

    No worries, that 13mm socket will ~fit a 1/2″ bolt head.

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