BPS and Bicycles

Apparently, a bicycle was stolen recently from the grounds of Hutch Tech, a high school here in Buffalo. The Buffalo Public Schools, with their usual wisdom, decided that the best way to keep this from happening was to ban students from bringing their bikes to school. There are no bike racks, and anything locked to a gate or a flagpole or another piece of school property will be cut free and shipped downtown — presumably to end up in the sad little bike auction that Kevin and I went to last year.

Well, that’s certainly not a completely insane overreaction. You’re telling me that a district that spends $24k per year per student can’t swing a couple hundred bucks for a bike rack?

Oh, and the outlawing of bikes ought to do wonders for that whole child obesity thing we’ve got going on around here. Grape soda, pork rinds, and an hour on a bus; now that’s Heart Smart(tm)!

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  1. Kevin says:

    So if a kids lunch gets stolen do we ban brown bag lunches?

    I fear what will happen if some kids clothes go missing from the gym locker…

    Where is the responsibility here? If I take my bike somewhere and don’t lock it up its on me. Granted you do need something to lock it to but I’m sure you can find something solid in downtown. Maybe a grain elevator….

  2. Pitt says:

    But riding bikes in dangerous. We need to shield children from danger; we don’t want any kids like that mischievious little runt on the skateboard picture I posted a few weeks ago.

    Somewhere, you know some statistician for the district ran the numbers and decided it was cheaper for them to deal with some insulin shots given to the fat kids than pay out lawsuits for kids injured or killed riding their bikes to school. Nevermind the ultimate cost to society of the obesity.

  3. Adam says:

    Buffalo does a lot of things backwards, this is no suprise. The kids need to mobalize and fight back. I would have every kid ride his/her bike in on the same day. Chain them together across the school entrance. Wait this will never happen they would have to actualy do something. Ask Danielle they don’t do much as it is.

    Better idea Kevin get a van and trailer and offer bike storage. For $.25 a day store the bikes. You could up sell them on maintanence and flat repairs.

  4. matt says:


    I don’t know how I’d feel about telling my kid to ride to school, and then slip a few bucks to the creepy old guy in the van.

  5. Pitt says:


    Its OK, just make sure you paint the van Serial Rapist Blue and write “Free Candy” on the sides.

  6. Kevin says:

    Creepy OLD GUY?

    I just get back from taking pictures at a high school fashion show and….oh I see.

  7. matt says:

    So, from this morning’s newspaper, there was a bit of additional detail. Apparently there’s no written policy banning bikes from schools — only banning them from being locked to school property. If you want to ride your bike to school and then leave it unlocked all day, that’s fine. And I’m sure it’ll work out well for everyone.

  8. Adam says:

    I have another solution. Chain the bikes to the principals car, thats not school property.
    Why not have the shop class make some bike racks. Teach the kids to bend and weld tubing, basic metal fab. This way the school only pays for supplies and the labor is free. For $200 they could buy enough material to build 10 bike racks. (this is only a guestimate actual prices may very)

  9. matt says:


    That shop class idea is really clever — Danielle should submit that further up the chain. There’s got to be at least one school left in the city with an actual metal shop in it (McKinley, maybe?).

  10. Pitt says:

    @Adam, @ matt,

    I’d have killed for McQ to have taught metal shop. I’m glad RPI did. Now I’m an expurt joiner of metal with fire. Good idea about the racks!

  11. Adam says:

    Shit shit shit

    My one good idea for the year and I wasted it on this. Danielle is going to kill me.

  12. matt says:


    McQuaid wasn’t really big on teaching us anything outside of the strict limits of the Jesuit tradition — math, science, language, theology, and gym. What did they have, two art classes?

    I was driving by there a couple weekends back — man, that new fieldhouse is huge. It’s good to see that all the donation checks I’ve sent them over the years went to building a temple to the jocks who tormented me in high school. So, there’s that.

  13. Pitt says:


    Jocks tormented you? Huh…would have thought your domineering stature would have quelled their nasty advances. Or, at least, made them think you were on the B-Ball squadron. I haven’t been by there in a long time…probably best, though they don’t seem to bother me much for my pesos anymore. I still try to remember to thrown down some tuppents for them every year. I figure they need it more than RPI does, fieldhouse notwithstanding. Maybe if I ever become wealthy I’ll found the Pittinaro Honorary Machine Shop. That would be a trip- watching preppy boys from Penfield learn how to use a MIG or a bandsaw. Heheheheh

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