No More Model Ts

Apparently, the People’s Republic of California has decided to interfere just a bit more in the lives of its citizens, in hopes of earning the love of the prophet Al Gore. The state is considering banning dark paint colors on automobiles, the rationale being that the climate control system in a dark-colored car has to work harder and so the carbon output of the vehicle will be higher.

I wonder if they’ve decided to excoriate themselves at all for designing an entire state full of cities that require a car. Probably not.

One Response to “No More Model Ts”

  1. Pitt says:

    Not only that, but dark colroed cars absorb more UV radiation and thus contribute more to climate change.

    I wonder if the police are all going to have to start driving white cars. No more black helicopters, either.

    I’m just waiting for the day they ban excercise during code red air quality days, on the grounds that the CO2 emitted by the heavy breathers deteriorates air quality.

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