Ah, the first nice weekend day of spring. It’s like a city-wide holiday. The line outside of the zoo was fantastically long.

Since the mercury managed to climb into the fifties today, I put off some work I have to do around the house and went for a bike ride instead. Nothing terribly strenuous — I took the Delaware Park trail over to the Riverwalk, the Riverwalk to Broderick Park at Ferry St., and then down Niagara Street to LaSalle Park and into downtown. Nice day for a ride, though there weren’t a lot of other people out.

I’ll have to ride that route with my camera next time, though. The demolition of the Aud is something to see. About a quarter of the building is down, now, and you can look inside and see the old rafters and seating and everything. It looks like someone cracked the building open like an egg. It’s pretty cool.

I hope it doesn’t take me too long to get back into shape. I didn’t ride that far, about fifteen or sixteen miles, but I was pretty winded when I got back to the house. Time to start training for Roswell again. What route are we doing, anyway?

2 Responses to “Springtime”

  1. BrianN says:

    Only yesterday I would laugh at your tale of 50 degree weather, being that I was enjoying some vacation in Fl, but today I am here in sunny Boston and it is only 40.


  2. Pitt says:

    South Carolina: 69 and mostly sunny today. We took the LeMons Volvo Amazon for some parking loot hoonery. Videos forthcoming…I will say that Heinekens was involved…

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