Political Leanings

A question I posed during lunch with my coworkers yesterday:

Which of these will happen first?

  • Rush Limbaugh’s idiot greedhead neocon disciples will stop complaining about the Clinton administration and blaming everything on him.
  • Barack Obama’s glassy-eyed idealist libtard followers will stop blaming everything on the Bush administration.
  • The sun will explode.

4 Responses to “Political Leanings”

  1. Pitt says:

    That’s a deeply profound question of a political nature. However, I’m at work now, so I am unable to consume the vast quantities of fermented beverage that would be required for me to formulate an educated answer.

  2. Pitt says:

    But bonus points for using both “greedhead” and “libtard” in the same post!

  3. matt says:


    As I told one of my coworkers, who was complaining about the New York State budget being such a mess “because the Democrats are in control” — it doesn’t matter if the trough is painted red or blue. It’s still the same pigs.

    It amazed me that people bring the mindless us-vs-them fandom of pro sports to something like politics. Don’t just wave a banner for your side, dammit, turn on your brain for once! This stuff is a lot more important than who makes the NHL playoffs.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Matt I think they are having another tax protest, want to get the crew together. I think I can hold the floor very well if you and Mike M just stand behind me with a stern look on you faces.

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