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Damn Inflation

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

A pretty insightful article on how the value of a human life has steadily increased in recent years. The EPA and FDA and other government agencies keep ratcheting up how much money should be spent to ensure the safety of one human life, which in turn increase costs to businesses. I suppose it’s not a good move for any politician to declare, “We need to start devaluing human lives!”

I heard a great question on the radio the other day. “How did we become the most powerful country in the world [in the early 20th century] without the EPA, the FCC, the FDA, and these regulatory agencies sucking our tax dollars dry?” The obvious answer is that safety conditions for workers were substandard and our grandparents had to literally break their backs for less pay. Still, we’ve gone from one extreme to the other…a big step for the US economy would be to find a happy medium between regulations and low operating costs.