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Cardboard Helmets

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Bicycle helmets could be getting a makeover. A design student noted that polystyrene distributes the impact energy of a crash across the entire skull, which while better than the alternative still does not reduce the damage. Turns out corrugated cardboard can deal with 4 times the impact of polystyrene, reducing that much energy transferring onto your skull.

Helmets protect your head only 16% of the times during a crash and have been giving us the false implication of safety. Emphasis this day is given to styling and aerodynamics. However, polystyrene does little to absorb impact energy but distributes it over the head. Since the past twenty years improvements have been made in the fields of aerodynamics and styling. However while cycling through a busy city at an average speed of 12mph, safety is more important than aerodynamics.

So while a cardboard helmet may not impress the girls or help you win the races, it’ll do a better job doing its job. You know…the whole reason bike helmets were invented in the first place.